About Us

Your hosts are Patrick & Sue O’Reilly.  They are Scarborough residents who met while attending New York University in NYC.  While Patrick is a native of Scarborough, Sue is a Korean American, born in Seoul and raised in New Jersey.  After their college years, they worked and lived in New York City spending countless hours doing “research” in restaurants and bars; it was a perpetual discussion point on what they would do when they opened a place.

In 1996, they moved “home” to start a new adventure. While they have had other careers and interests, the idea of opening a restaurant and bar continued to percolate.  They saw a great need in the area, an opinion shared by many but acted upon by few.  With a great deal of persistence and hard work, they learned the hospitality business as best they could and then decided to take the leap into restaurant ownership.  Patrick and Sue wanted to open a restaurant for Scarborough residents and visitors where guests can come in and enjoy time spent with family and friends. Thus, our motto, Food, Drink & Social Remedy.

Patrick O’Reilly’s name may scream traditional Irish Pub, but the other half is Korean American so we have found a happy medium in our menu.  O’Reilly’s Cure Restaurant & Bar serves an Eclectic American menu with some Irish fare and a touch of Korean spice.  The bar offers 16 beers on taps, including many local beers, 4 wine taps, bottled wines, and specialty cocktails.  Ask your server for a recommendation!  We are open 363 days a year and offer lunch 6 days a week, Sunday brunch, and nightly dinner.

Our Logo:  Three O's, or circles, that at the confluence form a Celtic knot which is a traditional Irish symbol seen on everything from The Book of Kells to stone carvings to tattoos.  The crescent of the knot also looks like a C, which gives us O & C for O'Reilly's Cure. The three nodes, or trinity, are meant to symbolize our slogan's three tenets: Food, Drink, & Social Remedy.